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Cubase Elements 7.0.7 Unlocker x86 x64

Posted on 23 Nov in DAW


Cubase Elements 7.0.5 Win x86.x64

HY2ROG3N  - Team VXT


It's powerful set of instruments, the many audio effects and tools for recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks let Cubase Elements 7 turn your computer into a complete production system. Including the new MixConsole, Chord Track for easy chord management and the award-winning audio engine, Cubase Elements 7 welcomes you to the exciting world of Cubase.

This crack/patch will allow anyone to transform Cubase Elements 7.0.7 into a FULL working version of Cubase 7.

How? Well, we take out all the limitations, and now you can add as many VST's and samples you want.

It's more than tested, and we would like to dedicate this post to HY2ROG3N AUDIO for criticizing HY2ROGEN_CRAP AND MYSELF!!!!


1) Uninstall Cubase Elements 7 / Cubase 7 (Only if you already have it in your system)

2) Uninstall Steinberg eLicenser (if you have it on your system)

3) Delete folder C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft (which contain the actual expired license in the file SeLicenser.sel) Only if you install any Cubase 7 before. (Very recommended)

4) Download the Trial version which is in version v7.0.6 at:

5) Download the update patch v7.0.7 at:
6) Change your Windows system date (only the year) to something very far in the future: Ex: 2060 (So forCubase installer think your are now in 2060)

7) Install Steinberg Cubase Element v7.0.6 Trial version by running setup.exe then choose version 32 bit!!! (Run as Administrator...Everything)

8) After installation, run Cubase Elements 7 and choose Cubase Elements 7 on launching if Cubase ask for the version. You should also have a trial 30 day warning message
(This will initialize a license file at the actual date : 2060 in C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\SeLicenser.sel which will expire 30 days later in 2060

9) Close Cubase Elements 7

10) Install the Update v7.0.7 and revert the clock back again to 2014

11) Apply the crack in "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 7\Cubase LE AI Elements 7.exe" (Run as Administrator)

12) That's all. Now you can run Cubase Elements 7 v7.0.7 patched with all limitations removed and no trial version message warning.

13) Cubase Elements 7 should work until 2060 before it expires....

If you follow all the simple steps that I've outlined here it should work for you all...

If for some reason doesn't work following the instructions above, do this:
Install Cubase Elements 7 using the date in 2060 or whatever... Run it.
It will give you the message that you have 30 days trial. Close it!
Put you clock back to 2014 and install the 7.0.7 update.
Run the patch (Run as Administrator).

Now everything MUST run, as this was tested in many machines without fails!!!!

And a big thank you for  HY2ROG3N_CRAP for supplying the crack/patch!!!!

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NFO included in archive

Windows 7 / Windows 8
Intel or AMD
compatible sound card
Memory 2 GB RAM
Disk Space 8 GB
Recommended screen resolution of 1280 x 800

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