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The Blackbird Academy - Electrical Levels in Audio Production

Posted on 27 Sep in Video


The Blackbird Academy - Electrical Levels in Audio Production

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To achieve great results when recording, processing, and mixing audio, it's important to know the levels at which various pieces of musical and studio gear operate.
This course digs deeper into the operational qualities of studio gear in the signal chain. 

Tutorial 1 0:35
Electrical Levels in Audio Production
This course lays out the types of electrical signals that flow from, into, or through microphones, instruments, processors, consoles, and speakers.

Tutorial 2 2:25
What Is a Decibel?
In audio production, the decibel is used to measure the operating level, the intensity of sound or electrical output produced by a piece of gear.

Tutorial 3 2:55
Consumer vs. Pro Audio Gear
Audio gear falls into two categories, professional and consumer. What differentiates the two in the broad sense is the intended use.

Tutorial 4 1:11
Mic Level
The electrical output level of a microphone is very low, so weak in fact that its output is measured in millivolts noted by the symbol mV.

Tutorial 5 1:06
Line Level
Once any audio signal is boosted to professional line level, it can be freely routed to other pro audio gear such as compressors, EQs, converters, consoles, and the inputs of powered speakers.

Tutorial 6 1:42
Instrument Level
Instruments such as guitars, basses, guitar pedals, and electronic keyboards are consumer audio devices with high impedance, unbalanced outputs referenced at -10dBV.

Tutorial 7 1:10
Speaker Level
Once the signal has been recorded and its time to hear your work, it must be sent through another transducer--a speaker or a set of headphones--to send the signal through the air once again on the way to our ears.

Tutorial 8 0:46
Electrical Level Recap
A recap of the Electrical Levels in Audio Production course.

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