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The Blackbird Academy - DAWs & Converters

Posted on 27 Sep in Video


The Blackbird Academy - DAWs & Converters

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The digital audio workstation, or DAW, is an essential building block of the modern studio. Knowing the components, features, and tools found in this "studio in a box" is essential knowledge for all audio engineers, both old and new. 

Tutorial 1 0:44
DAWs & Converters
An introduction to the digital audio workstation and the DAWs & Converters course.

Tutorial 2 2:39
What Can a DAW Do?
The versatile, affordable, powerful DAW is a recorder, editor, mixer, and audio-processing platform.

Tutorial 3 4:08
What Is a Plug-In?
Every DAW uses plug-ins, which can mimic instruments, hardware EQs, compressors, and new types of audio manipulators that have never been seen before.

Tutorial 4 5:19
Digital Audio Conversion
The key to a DAW's virtual world are the converters that take an analog signal and convert it into a language spoken by computers and software.

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