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The Blackbird Academy - Cables & Connectors

Posted on 27 Sep in Video


The Blackbird Academy - Cables & Connectors

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Cables and connectors provide the pathways for audio signals to flow throughout the studio. Great connections can have a positive impact on not only the sound but also a creative difference in the recording process by maintaining the quality of the source and inspiring the performer. 

Tutorial 1
Cables & Connectors
An introduction to the Cables & Connectors course.

Tutorial 2
What's on Your Cable?
There are many different types of cables and connectors used in audio recording. Signals carried on these cables can be balanced, unbalanced, high impedance, low impedance, analog, digital, one channel, or many channels.

Tutorial 3
Balanced & Unbalanced Signals
A standard mic cable considerably reduces this noise by using three separate methods for noise reduction, one of which is over 100 years old.

Tutorial 4
Analog & Digital Cables
While mic and line level signals may use the same type of cable to get from here to there, in digital audio there is an entirely different set of cables, connectors, and requirements.

Tutorial 5
Bits, Bytes & More
Digital audio is the most common format for recording and storage of sound in the modern studio.

Tutorial 6
Keeping it Neat
Cables are a significant investment in your studio so it's important to store and present them correctly during a session.

Tutorial 7
Time for Review
A recap of some of the important concepts taught in the Cables & Connectors course.

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