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FL Studio 12 Native OS X ALPHA 0.9e [MAC]

Posted on 13 Oct in DAW


FL Studio 12 Native OS X ALPHA 0.9e [MAC]



ALPHA Software is for TESTING & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, not music production. It will crash and behave in unexpected ways. It is missing features.


1. OSX 10.7 or later 
2. You must be admin user to install and run

Notable things that DO NOT WORK yet:

Plugins: That return 'Can't be found' message when you try to open them.

ALPHA 0.9e WHAT'S NEW (19-Sept-2016):
IMPORTANT: Delete "FL Studio Mac Alpha" application before installing new version.

Latest 12.3.1 feature and fixes from Windows version, including Transistor Bass plugin.
Fixed crashes on plugin open for certain circumstances
Fix restoring window sizes in non-maximized window state
Fixed toolbar placements in maximised window
Fixed crash previewing samples
Fixed maximised mode, removed borders
Fixed draggable menus
File associations should work now (open flp from Finder)
More patcher fixes for misbehaving plugins
Fix for crash in Sakura
Fix for menus disappearing sometimes
Fix for Slicex background graphics glitch

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NFO is in archive


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