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Soundkore Soundkore Essentials Vol.1 ACID WAV

Posted on 10 Jan in Loops


Soundkore Soundkore Essentials Vol.1 ACID WAV Free

 900 MB


Soundkore Essentials Vol. 1 contains 10 EDM construction kits – a lot of material to work with. Each kit contains all the elements needed to finish a track. 
We believe a big part of upping your game as a producer is to create a more efficient workflow to get rid of any barriers to your creativity. With drums being the solid backbone of any House production, it’s crucial to have them great from the start.

Our carefully crafted kick loops and top loops, allow you to create the foundation of your song with ease. With Soundkore Essentials Vol 1, we hope to make the starting process more fun, your workflow more inspiring and the sonic quality of your productions improve immensely.

10 construction kits:
20 kick samples and loops
35 claps/snares
over 50 hats, crashes and rides
20 top loops grooves
80+ vocal phrases, one shots and loops
over 80 SFX
40+ bass one shots and basslines

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