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Raw Loops Rugged Techno WAV

Posted on 10 Jan in Loops


Raw Loops Rugged Techno WAV

 411 MB


460+ MBs of tough & aggressive Techno samples. Packed with a wide variety of loops from synths, drums, bass, tops, percs & much more. Rugged Techno is pushing boundaries for the darker shades of Techno, while staying true to the gritty sound of analog.


•Bass Loops – 34 warm bass loops from synth to sub focused.

•Synth Loops – 47 biting synth lines from melodic to single note rhythms.

•Tops Loops – 77 chugging high end loops packed with funk.

•Percussion Loops – 31 backend obscure percussion grooves.

•RAW_KICK Loops – 13 analog only kicks.

•Drum Loops – 45 crunchy drum beat track starters.

•FX Loops – 20 liquid FX loops.

•Drum Hits – 95 kicks, claps & snares, percs, & hats.

•ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 125 bpm

•362 Total Loops & Sounds 

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