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1- How the FAQ do I Become VIP?

To become VIP, you must first register a Free Account.

Once you Sign in click on Become VIP

You have 2 different methods of becoming VIP:

1- Bitcoin Method:

Donate with Bitcoin and you will automatically become VIP

2 -Buy a Premium Account through referral Pic

If you buy a Premium Account, it is very important that you follow the steps correctly.

IMPORTANT: Any user that buys a Premium Account without using the referral Link will NOT be upgraded

Step 1: Click on the picture/Become VIP button:

Step 2: You buy any premium account from 1 month to 12 months:

Step 3: You send the transaction ID or proof of payment

2- How the FAQ do I download?

To download from File Storage [] you should first click on “ links”

You then click on the link which will redirect you to as shown below:

4- Why the FAQ is this Download Link Dead?

Sometimes Links are taken down for many reasons, in case you notice any Dead Link, please report it and we will do our best to have it online immediately

5- What are the Advantages of Becoming VIP?

- Exclusive content updated on a daily basis

- Unlock + Unlimited Downloads

- Torrent Downloads

- Faster Download Speed

- No Ads

- 24/7 Support

- Be Awesome and Support Us

- Free 48h Acc [If VIP through Bitcoin]

6- How the FAQ do you download from Torrents

If the torrents fail to start downloading or you see the message "Access is denied" follow these instructions to fix it:

           1.  Make sure to exit any active Torrent Client

           2.  Download any of these fixed versions by Sb-Innovation []
                Link 1:  Pass: uSerenity12
                Link 2:  Pass: 2o2gmz4t07tchq16

           3.  Use uTorrent noreport_seeder (run as administrator and disable firewall).

          If you are a Mac user follow the same steps in any virtual windows for Mac.